About Us

About me

6 years ago I started to knit a hat for my self. Then I was kindly asked to make one for my best friends daughter and herself and after this many requests came along. As it began to look like a production line I agreed with myself, that I had to develop and do something serious about it.
Nice and easily my concept developed to shops, pompoms in exclusive fur and my design and name inside.

When our Princess Mary was seen on television with one of my hats – the business suddenly took a turn of speed.

Today many recognize the hats among others as my combinations of yarn, colors and fur is unique.

About Design Bettina Solling

A Danish/Nordic individually designed and handknitted hat – exclusive in both yarn and fur.

The handmade hats are made and designed in Denmark with organic baby wool, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, merino, bamboo, yak, cotton, soya and silk.

The yarn originates primary from Samsø, Anholt and Læsø in Denmark!
Nordic yarn from Norway, Iceland and New Zealand are also to be found.

Every single hat is completely unique as two identical appearances does not exist. It fits both young baggy types, the classic women and the fashionable woman who wants to be cheeky and distinctive.

Furthermore the very best material of yarn makes them soft and warm. The size makes it possible to wear your long hair in a bun or ponytail inside when the wind is to cold or the winter to tough and rough in our part of the world.

The fur pompom is exclusively designed in Denmark and handmade as well – furthermore, we value animals as much as everyone else, which is why the fur used for our hats are solely gathered from animals who have been treated well during their entire lifetime.

By removing the pompom from your hat it’s easily goes into the washing machine at 30 degrees C. wool wash. Has to be air-dried and do not tumble.

Working with this makes me happy and I am enjoying the time I spend each day creating unique hats 😉 And as I prefer to call it: KNITFULLNESS